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Our Designs Shine. Our Landscapes Thrive. Our Clients Glow.

We tailor our design services to suit each client's needs. We offer multiple design options, processes and flexibility. No matter the price range, landscaping is a significant investment for any homeowner so we want to be sure that you’re comfortable with the process and happy with the final creation. In-depth communication is the key. In fact, it’s because we’ve listened to our clients over the years that we’ve developed the following process based upon their suggestions.
  • Service Area

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    We primarily serve a large section of Atlanta and North Metro Atlanta suburbs, between I-20 and Lake Lanier that’s within a 30-45 minute drive of our office located near “Spaghetti Junction” at I-285E/85N. We service most intown and inside perimeter neighborhoods including Buckhead, Virginia Highlands and Lenox/Morningside. We service most areas hugging I-285, especially those on the northeast and northcentral quadrants such as Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and Vinings. We service most of East Cobb and parts of West Cobb hugging I-75 or historic Marietta. We service John’s Creek and most of North Point, Alpharetta and the southern-most parts of Cumming. I know this gets complicated and very hard to explain in words. It’s always best just to inquire as it’s really based on areas that are accessible from our office due to traffic patterns.

    For a project of significant interest or size we do travel anywhere. We also provide design-only services anywhere. In both circumstances there are additional travel fees and expenses applicable. We will work with you to keep that cost as low as possible by minimizing the number of trips necessary. This will need to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Minimum Fees

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    $125 Initial Consultation
    for most projects. During normal working hours Monday thru Thursday
    $500 Minimum design fee
    for scaled drafted plans & comprehensive design
    $10,000 minimum installation/construction for phase one

    $5,000 minimum for repeat clients beds when we have already prepped the planting beds
    For those who don’t need scaled, drafted plans or comprehensive designs yet seek only professional opinions and general direction/advise regarding the plants in the landscape, we offer a “Garden Walk & Plant Consultation”
    $325 Minimum
    If that’s acceptable to you, please read the next tab "Starting the Process"
  • Starting the Process

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    Upon receipt of the form below, we’ll verify if your location and needs match what our company can offer. Most projects develop following one of the 3 processes described below. All consultations are scheduled with one of the owners of our company and provide you an opportunity to have a designer/architect (not just a salesperson) come to your house and give you expert advise about your project. We’ll determine which process your project is likely to follow and quote the fee for the first visit.
    Consultations are scheduled Monday – Friday, 9am-3pm. Appointments are available earlier, later and on Saturdays, however, the fee for these high demand appointments will be higher.
    • Garden Walk and Plant Consultation
    Immediate advise regarding plant selection, health and maintenance. On-the-spot sketch for very simple projects.
    • Initial Consultation then Planting Plan
    Design, scaled & drafted plans with legends for plants only (not hardscape)
    • Initial Consultation, Conceptual Design Options, Master Plan then Planting Plan.
    Comprehensive design. Scaled & drafted plans with legends. We begin very general and get more and more specific as you make choices.
    Get started by completing this form.

  • Initial Consultation

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    An in-depth consultation with you starts the process. This “Initial Consultation” is held at your home with one of the owners of our company. It includes a stroll through the area while we talk with you and get a sense of what you would like to achieve with the space. We’re attentive not only to your needs, vision and budget, but also to your personality, use and activity patterns, and preferred style. Our goal is to provide a design that works for you. To achieve this goal, we need to go beyond the purely visual. Everything that you experience in your home and garden should be considered. We feel that few things can give a homeowner more pride and enjoyment than a suitable, well-designed environment that stimulates and fulfills all the senses and needs. This is why we engage you in the design process and feel that this close collaboration is fundamental to your happiness and the success of your project.
    All decision makers should be present, as we will be working with you to develop a vision that will become the foundation of your landscape plan. We’ll talk and exchange photos to insure that we’re communicating. At the end of this meeting, you will receive a recommendation for the design process that fits your project and a flat rate fee for the first step in that process. This will be followed by a written design proposal and contract.
    We will send information in advance to help you prepare for this meeting. Most Initial Consultations last one hour. Complex projects will require more time.
    Please Contact Us for additional information and to set up an appointment.
  • Design / Planning

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    Your design will encompass the aspects that we mutually agree are feasible. The design process can take from one step to several steps depending upon the complexity of the project. We begin with broad concepts that are gradually detailed as we get closer to completion of the plans and approach the construction phase. By using this step-by-step approach, design time is not wasted detailing concepts that you don’t care for.

    We prefer to work off a property survey which will give us accurate property lines, location of the house on the lot and information about
    easements and other constraints. If you don’t already have a survey, we’ll first determine if it’s absolutely needed for your circumstance. If it is, we’ll advise you regarding the type of survey to order and work with you to acquire it.
    We begin our site work by photographing, measuring and exploring your property to understand and incorporate the site’s inherent opportunities while minimizing it’s constraints. It’s at this time we observe practical issues such as health of trees and drainage patterns that will effect the design.

    When the design or the current design step is complete, we’ll have another meeting or present it in the means as outlined in our design contract. We use a lot of photos to explain our concepts as well as to help you visualize the plants and hardscape elements that are proposed.

    As licensed professionals, we are capable of also producing the drawings needed for submittals to homeowner’s associations and local jurisdictions for permitting purposes.

    Please Contact Us for additional information and to set up an appointment.
  • Installation / Construction

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    Most projects can be built in phases. We'll advise you on the most logical and cost effective approach to work with your budget and priorities. You will receive a detailed proposal plus options for upgrades such as larger shrubs, fancier stonework, or better soil preparation. We'll educate you regarding the benefits as well as any short and long-term ramifications of each.

    Once you've made your final selection, we'll write the contract and schedule the work. We'll keep in touch and communicate with you regarding the things that matter to you. Our goal is for you to continue your daily schedule with minimal interruptions and peace of mind that everything is handled. We're organized and efficient. Our clients love that we get the job done quickly once we get started. At the completion of the project, we'll have a final walkthrough where you'll receive maintenance instructions and have the ability to ask any questions.
  • Maintenance

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    At the final walkthrough, you will receive a copy of our Garden Guide. It contains in depth month-by-month instructions regarding watering, pruning, fertilization, etc. You will also receive our monthly email newsletter that contains additional seasonal advice as well as tips relevant to current weather conditions.

    We do not offer a weekly or monthly maintenance contract yet we are always available as a consultant to guide you in the maintenance of your landscape or to oversee your maintenance company.

    Landscapes are living environments that require personalized care. We focus on educating you about preventative maintenance and on providing the foundation for long-term health
    & sustainability. The goal is to work with nature to unlock your landscape's vigor and vitality. This, in turn, eliminates or greatly reduces the need for toxic pesticides in your home & garden environment.
    Please Contact Us for additional information and to set up an appointment.