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In this category, you’ll see fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and streams. The styles shown here are classic, traditional, modern and natural. We can create any style however that fits your  architecture and preferences using stone, iron, copper, concrete, brick, ceramic or fiberglass. Custom sculptures as a focal point in the water feature are also a possibility.

A water feature adds life to your sanctuary garden by bringing sound and movement that can be either soothing or dynamic. The mood you want to create as well as the style, size and budget will dictate what’s right for you.
3 three tier iron traditional fountain
Three tier iron traditional fountain
custom fountain copper art
Custom fountain copper art
fake faux stream creek recycled glass
Fake faux stream creek recycled glass
fountain classic stone 3 tier
Fountain classic stone 3 tier
fountain fiberglass
Fountain fiberglass
fountain focal point
Fountain focal point
Fountain simple classic
Fountain simple classic
Fountain small Roman classic
Fountain small Roman classic
front door pond cantilever deck
Front door pond cantilever deck
koi pond large natural
Koi pond large natural
koi pond waterlilies
Koi pond waterlilies
koi pond with waterfall
Koi pond with waterfall
large pond natural waterfalls patio
Large pond natural waterfalls patio
lily pond waterlilies waterfall
Lily pond waterlilies waterfall
modern small fountain
Modern small fountain
natural pond waterfall
Natural pond waterfall
naturalistic pond small waterfall
Naturalistic pond small waterfall
small pond with custom fountain
Small pond with custom fountain
waterfall small cascade stream pond
Waterfall small cascade stream pond