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These reviews originally appeared on before they went out of business.
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  • Embraces holistic principles

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    I was so excited when I came upon Home & Garden Design, Inc. because it was very important to me to find a landscape company that embraces holistic principles. Danna and Conrad understand the energy and integrity of the land ... that "feng shui" element which assures you flow through the space with ease. Each little nook of the yard suddenly had a purpose. It's like our land had doubled in size! They also understood how to take care of the land without relying on harmful chemicals, which is very important to us, especially since we have three children. I was so relieved to be able to entrust the transformation of our yard to an organic team. With their warmth, professionalism, and experience, they made every step of the design and implementation process comfortable for us. I know that Danna and Conrad were meticulous about the details of the design and quality of the work. Thank you for transforming our backyard from an ivy mess to beautiful terraces where our family has been playing in ever since.
    Posted: 9/12/2012 
  • Wonderful experience

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    We cannot say enough good things about working with Danna on our landscape update. We needed a complete change with our front yard of builder grade shrubs that were almost 20 years old. She got it right with her design. The extensive questionnaire, while daunting at first, gave her all the pieces we were looking for in our new landscape. Her design was beautiful and we have received so many compliments from our neighbors. Danna is certainly 'a good thing'.
    Posted: 8/14/2012 
  • Jungle Transformation

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    Before H+G Design I was afraid to go into my backyard. A steep grade overgrown with ivy & weeds was too shady for grass and virtually impossible to access from the top/front of my lot. HGD's thorough process, and Danna's willingness to spend the time explaining it, was a primary reason for hiring them, along with the design-build setup. I knew that with a stream I would need help navigating regulations & that the design would be complicated because of it, and HGD exceeded my hopes on all counts. The crew were efficient,personable,& hardworking and the site was always immaculate. All operational details & arrangements were handled smoothly & I always knew what to expect before it happened. Danna's vision gave me a beautiful landscape with a patio and yard that is accessible via a winding pathway, and one that integrates natural positives with an ordered future. I now am proud to have guests experience my yard. I recommend HGD 110%--I can't imagine working with anyone else. Thank you Danna & Conrad!!
    Posted: 11/17/2011
  • Delighted and Impressed with H&GD's Top Service

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    Home & Garden Design just finished completely revamping our tired, overgrown and yes, blah front yard and we are completely delighted with the end result. Danna guided us through a thoughtful, creative planning process so that we learned what would work best for our front yard. She listened carefully and had excellent suggestions and alternatives, when needed. H&GD's professional crew did outstanding work and cleaned up every day, so we never came home to a messy yard. The entire process was a true delight and we recommend Home & Garden Design highly for any landscaping project, small or large. We cannot wait to see what our perennial urban garden will look like next year!
    Posted: 4/27/2011

  • I’m SO excited about my new backyard.

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    I'm SO excited about my new backyard. It's such a special place. It really looks nice. It makes me smile every time I look out there. Thank you for all your hard work and for making every detail so perfect. I knew you'd do a great job. We were so happy when you did our front yard 20 years ago. We didn't even think about calling anyone else to do this new project.
    Posted: 1/10/2011
  • You could tell they really wanted to please us.

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    They are fair in price and stuck within our budget. Danna would actually send me Alerts which contained important maintenance information I needed for my plants.
    Posted: 12/12/2009
    BR NT2
  • Your work is much, much more than designing

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    Your work is much, much more than designing, it is the commitment to making a difference. With your support and encouragement to assist others to reach out and explore the wonders and mysteries of nature. You offered me the possibilities to extend myself and express a primordial instinct of oneness with the earth. That essence of you continues to live in my garden, creating new dimensions and designs with every season. On one of our recent trips, the delight in coming home was multiplied when our house sitter shared his experience, his comment was, "It is truly a paradise."
    Posted: 12/10/2009

  • The yard looks great!

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    You guys did an awesome job! We are very happy with everything. It will take time for us to learn the name of each plant, so your updated blueprint will really help out. We noticed and appreciated your attention to detail on building the rock walls, the preparation of the beds, the placement of the plants, everything that went into the project.
    Posted: 12/07/2009 

  • I wish I had used Home & Garden Design, Inc.

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    I wish I had used Home & Garden Design, Inc. for my installation. I ended up getting inferior work and wasting my money by having someone else do it. Danna did a great plan and she is a good listener.
    Posted: 11/24/2009
  • The only downside to my project,

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    They have such a gift of vision, transforming my words to plans and then reality. They always made me feel that I was the most important endeavor they had and every detail was always at the top of their list. Conrad is so smart and realistic. Danna is so creative. Their work was of the highest quality and it came in at budget. The only downside to my project, was that it finally had to come to an end!
    Posted: 11/20/2009
  • You truly can not find a better combination

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    You truly can not find a better combination than Danna and Conrad Cain together. They are an incredible resource of talent. Danna is excellent with form, function and design. Conrad is the building, mechanical side. They are a great combination who work very well with each other. They are talented, on-time, knowledgeable, honest good people. If they don't know the answers, they admit it and go find the answers for you! You can not find anyone better.
    Posted: 11/17/2009
  • Beautiful results

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    Danna and Conrad Cain are the best. They really listen to what you want as well as making helpful suggestions.Their crew are tops. They did a complete backyard project for us that included hardscape such as a firepit and grass ,trees and flowers. We couldn't be more pleased.
    Posted: 7/01/2008
  • Best Service, People, Value

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    Personalzed, beautiful design! Thorough immaculate installation! Thoughtful, caring owners, office staff, and installers! Great value!
    Posted: 5/09/2007
  • They are the Best!

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    "We are really satisfied with the work Home and Garden Design, Inc. has done for us. We had terrible, terrible problems to deal with and now we have none because of the work they did for us. They were the only ones who gave us an honest answer regarding our problems. They really went in-depth. Home & Garden Design, Inc. did what they said they would and did things when they said they would." "There was a problem with a crape myrtle tree that did not get any leaves in the spring, however, oddly, it got leaves in late summer. We called the Cain's back and told them that the tree didn't need to be replaced afterall. They still replaced it. They didn't have to do that, but they said that they were not convinced that the tree was healthy." Wow! What service!
    Posted: 12/28/2006
  • A Trusted Professional

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    We first saw Home and Garden Design's work at the Southeastern Flower Show. We were impressed with the scope of their designs. They seemed to have the range of skills and services that we needed for our landscaping project. In fact, what we received was a complete transformation of our yard. From the beginning, they solicited our input, including an in-depth survey and interview. It was obvious throughout the process that our needs and desires were their foremost consideration in creating our design. The landscape architect came prepared with photographs of plant material and examples of their work. These were very helpful in getting us from a vague notion of what we wanted to a concrete plan. The design provided for a phased installation to stay within our budget. In every case, her recommendations on plants and other materials proved to be excellent. Our architect and her crew were prompt and maintained the project schedule. H&GD provided us with a detailed guide for maintaining our new plants. Follow-up visits have provided guidance on pruning, watering, and general upkeep. They consistently did exactly what they said they would do. We already plan to use H&GD for future projects and enthusiastically recommend their work to anyone looking for professional, reliable landscape design.
    Posted: 8/05/2006
  • We Love What They Did for Us

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    Using a landscape design plan Danna created for us in 2004 we've built a beautiful 50 ft x 7 ft bed in our front yard. Danna selected plants that provide lots of color from Spring through Fall and we enjoy the blooms and butterflies every day. Choosing Danna to design my garden is one of the better decisions I've ever made. I highly recommend her.
    Posted: 6/01/2006
  • This designer listens to what you want.

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    This is THE plan for us. I can see me sitting and enjoying each of these places. I'm sure we will REALLY like this."
    Posted: 4/24/2006
  • great landscape design

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    We have been so happy with the design that Dana created for our home. We were able to easily implement her suggestions and the results are fabuous! Within a month of completing the front yard, our neighborhood association awarded us the Yard of the Month!
    Posted: 4/12/2006
  • Expert Landscape Design

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    "We would have been impressed if you came up with only ONE good idea for our difficult site and desires BUT YOU presented us with SIX wonderful concepts to consider. Thank you. We are SO impressed."
    Posted: 4/10/2006
  • The best yard in the neighborhood!

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    The yard looks great! You guys did an awesome job! We are very happy with everything. It will take time for us to learn the name of each plant, so your updated blueprint will really help out. We noticed and appreciated your attention to detail on building the rock walls, the preparation of the beds, the placement of the plants, everything that went into the project.
    Posted: 4/09/2006
  • Artistic Creation With Attention to Detail

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    The owners of this business planned, executed and followed-up on a large landscaping project. One co-owner is extraordinarly knowledgable about the plant world, and executes the landscape plan and supervises the planting process. Te other owner handles all the hardscape elements, including driveways, paths, wall, with a great knowledge of construction, planning,delivery of materials, on site supervision. This company begins the process of planning your landscape with a many paged, but easy to use questionaire, designed to elicit your tastes in plants, colors, textures, landscape architectural styles, and specific needs based on your lifestyle. When they presented me with the proposed plan, there was very little need for me to suggest any changes in the plan, because they had taken the time to understand exactly what I was aiming for from the beginning. The plants they planted were all of extremely high quality and planted with more care and organic amendments to the soil than I could have imagined. The crew was always on time, efficient, and knowledgable. The site was always left immaculate, and the attention to detail in the execution of the plan amazed me. I rate them the highest in all categories.
    Posted: 2/18/2006
  • Exceptional

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    I've worked with Danna & Conrad on several occasions over the years and have found them to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. The plant selection, soil preparation and attention to detail is second to none. I would certainly recommend them to anyone wanting a job done right and look forward to working with them again in the future!
    Posted: 2/06/2006
  • Our backyard looks awesome!!!!!!

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    So many in the neighborhood have mentioned how much they enjoy seeing our backyard when they drive by! The jasmine on the trellis is doing incredible. The lorepetalum on the right side of the house is The kids were picking blueberries this week. We had so much fun & think about how lucky we are. The back walkway by the blueberry bushes was worth every penny - the kids love it! 
    Posted: 6/26/2012
  • You created exactly what we were hoping for!

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    It's amazing how you captured the colors and textures of our past home in the Southwest and translated that into a landscape that will grow here. When we first saw the creativity and diversity of your designs at the home show, we knew you had the talent for this challenge. Thank you so very much. 
    Posted: 1/17/2011
  • More great revews to come!

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